Treehouse Juicery

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Treehouse Juicery was conceptualized, nurtured and created 
through careful research and extended travel to health capitals
of the world. Our vision is to provide nutritious grab and go
for todays’ fast-paced lifestyles. The concept has been tailored for the health conscious culture of today. By offering a wide variety of naturally sourced products that promote a healthier and positive lifestyle. 

Drawing inspiration from organic-centric brands. The driving force behind the idea for Treehouse Juicery came from one of its founders through his passion for healthy living and ultimately fueled by his desire to create a concept that would offer everyone simple access to a healthier lifestyle.

The unique surroundings’ and design of Treehouse Juicery have been inspired by nature’s simplicity - making Treehouse Juicery a true lifestyle accessory.


Why Treehouse?

Guilt Free Nutrition

Treehouse Juicery only uses the freshest fruits and vegetables available when creating each item on the menu, but our product are a creation from our core values and principles that keep your body and mind in check.

Our Juices

Raw wellness in a bottle! Cold pressed juices are our version
of liquid gold. Developed by renewed nutritionists, the combinations are well balanced, healthy and nutritious for modern-day citizens.

Our Offer

Our freshly prepared cold-pressed juices are invigorating and tailor-made for you bursting with freshness and our smoothies are freshly blended to order.

We offer a variety of fresh superfood salads, delicious power sandwiches and innovative nutritional wraps. All menu items are freshly prepared daily from our kitchen using only the freshest ingredients available.

At Treehouse Juicery, we are dedicated in creating a delicious, wholesome and healthy menu truly reflecting a true and positive lifestyle.

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Treehouse Juicery