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Kafta, that oh-so-delicious blend of ground meat, spices and herbs, speaks to people from all walks of life. In different names and guises, in different shapes, with different sauces and breads, kafta is a humble and satisfying dish enjoyed cross culturally.

Greece, Turkey, The Balkans, Italy, The Levant, North Africa, Arabia, Iran, South Asia and even Japan have versions that are all linked through their basic premise - a minced meat mélange, flame-grilled and served up for an easy, satisfying meal. 

This humble, homey dish is like a hamburger with a global personality.

The use of the Lucky Eye in our design and brand signal our friendly, playful nature.

We are there to spread a bit of food happiness with a wink and a smile. QFTA is modern, wholesome and entirely suited to the modern traveler who needs a dish that is fresh, familiar and delicious.


Culturally Rooted

Qfta is rooted in culture but presented in a modern light. It’s about taking a homemade favorite, found particularly in kitchens around the Middle East, and making it into an everyday indulgence. Qfta bridges cultures through a menu that celebrates similarities and provenance. A comfort food that is wholesome, no matter the shape - round, oval or long. Authenticity is embedded into the experience, adding a sense of place for those always on the move.


Delicious food should be available no matter where you are, no matter the time. Qfta brings hearty, wholesome yet simple homely favorites to everyone. Created with modern, busy customers in mind (the “|New Normal” crowd), the experience is seamless. The Qfta experience has been designed to make efficient use of time, taking into consideration that the customers of today want nothing more than convenience. It’s tasty, fresh food that is ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Our Offer

QFTA will always feature at least 4 kinds of kafta – a lamb, beef, chicken or turkey and a vegetarian version in the form of falafel. Once customers choose a kafta, they then choose how they would like it served. Options include a classical bread wrap, gluten-free and lettuce wraps for the health conscious, or simply on a plate with sides and sauce.

Sides include shoestring fries, which can be dusted with one of three fresh seasonings; two types of fresh chopped salad and mini pots of hummus with vegetable sticks or lavash triangles for dipping.

The sweet finish comes in the form of our own pre-packaged and frozen kunafa cones filled with Nutella or Rosewater Booza.