Carry on DXB

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We started CarryOn because we believe eating fresh, nutritious dishes every day should not only be easy for everyone, but it is also important when traveling too. We make sure we source high quality ingredients and prepare each meal to be balanced and packed with nutrients.

We understand human bodies go through changes when flying and the high altitude changes not only the palette, but also the needs, therefore we ensure that the taste and nutritional values sit right.

Why CarryOn?


We’re committed to serving you real, whole foods, good for you during your journey. We’re using no additives pr preservatives on our meals as we understand the importance of eating unprocessed food, even if it is packaged.

Our meals are good for you and they taste amazing too, as they’ve been created to include nutrient-dense veggies, high-quality proteins, and healthy fats and offer a full meal without depleting you of any food groups. We don’t design our menu to strictly fit any specific diets or eating styles at the moment, but we are constantly innovating and growing the menu to cater to various dietary needs.

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