S34 Gahwa Mezze Bar

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S34 is an abbreviation for Sikka 34 which is a famous alleyway in “old Dubai”.

The Maqha (Arabic Cafe) is Emirati yet eclectic in its inspiration. Sikkas are popular in Dubai’s old neighborhood of “Al Bastakiya” which has existed since the 1800s. Today, Al Bastakiya is a place where you get lost between authenticity and art, tradition and modernity, Arabic Culture and new influences, just the perfect place to influence the vibrant design of S34 as well as its offering.

S34 wishes to bring back tradition with a modern take on Emirati heritage.

We believe coffee should be a social experience, just like the bean’ story started, S34 is ready to welcome the world into a journey that celebrates our social, hospitable and rich Arabic culture.

Why S34 Gahwa Mezze Bar?

Our Culture

Dubai and the Arabian culture are world renowned for their intrinsic hospitality and the welcoming experience of guests in the Middle East is always second to none. 

While we’ve come a long way since 1960, hospitality remained at the core of Dubai and its people, it’s in their DNA and the DNA of the city.

Our Mission

Bring back and share the traditional UAE heritage with a twist of modernity. Offer what today’s market is demanding: authenticity, sense of place, freshness and quality.

Our Offer

The menu showcases the best Emirati cuisine to passengers, whether Dubai residents or transiting and completely unfamiliar with the local way of life.

We have chosen the most popular dishes, traditionally known for sharing, and gave them a 21st century spin, in terms of presentation, plating and taste.

While the core stays the same, as we’ve learnt over generations, we managed to surpass the barriers of time and make something old, current.

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