HWH Hospitality Investments

HWH investments division is always seeking out new opportunities to bring emerging technologies to the region and grow its portfolio across all verticals.

The Investments division has seen tremendous success and shook the market in finance, construction and technology, through companies like Anytech, Dubai Construction Company and Mawarid Finance.

Most recently and assessing the market needs, we have stepped foot in unattended retail with BYTE and e-commerce through acquiring shares in Sprii.


As a family business with a proven success track record, we value the entrepreneur’s instinct for opportunity. Years of experience and our in-house expertise help us develop financial strategies, focused on growth and value, high asset quality for the long term robust cash generation and strong controls.

We actively scout entrepreneurs that have a strong, current, understanding of the market’s needs, with a business reflective of all of the above, to bring value to the region we operate in.


A strong balance sheet and net worth allow us to participate in major market transactions and invest quickly in high-value opportunities. With quick thinking and a short decision making process, we increase the strength of the organization and support the overall vision.


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Sell food. Anytime. Anywhere. Byte Technology enables food producers to provide instant access to their fresh food through small footprint unattended stores.