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Grabb’it is our alternative to your traditional convenience store. It is quick, serves healthy food both cold an hot, as well as drinks to passengers really in a hurry.

Offering passengers all their travel essentials as well as a healthy, affordable alternative, Grabb’it is quickly becoming one of the most popular F&B outlets in DXB.

Why Grabb'it?


Grabb’it is each rushed passenger’s answer to a busy airport experience. A one stop for hot or cold food, juices or a cup of coffee, as well as snacks, sweets and travel essentials, this is the place to pass by before your gate.


Nutritious hot and cold meals can be picked up from the Grab & Go and display, packed and enjoyed during the flight. With a menu curated for this type of concept, the dishes are nutritious, tasty and energy-enhancing for those on the go.

Our Offer

Grabb’it is open 24 hours a day and serves constantly dishes suitable for any meal period. We offer fresh, handcrafted products packed smartly, to be easily taken and enjoyed on the way.

The menu is dynamic and constantly evolving to satisfy everyone.