Wanna Poke

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Hawaii has been eating poke since forever, the world only started in 2017.

What’s a poke bowl? Fresh seafood of choice, vegetables galore, rice or quinoa, a dressing. The healthiest alternative for a quick meal, all the way from Hawaii.

With a finger on the pulse, HWH delivers Wanna Poke as a response to one of the strongest food trends ever seen. It’s healthy, quick, tasty, mass-market, why not try it?

Why Wanna Poke?

Unique Signature Bowls

Form unique vegan combinations to activated charcoal, roasted seeds and superfoods, Wanna Poke brings a spark of creativity to traditional poke bowls. Why not try something new?

Drinks On Par

Ever tried a Blue Majik Detox water with your poke bowl? If not, now is your chance. Our drinks are as creative as our food, with tropical cold pressed juices, chia detox water and açaí lemonade on the menu. 

Our Offer

Carefully sourced
An increased scarcity in seafood and fish pushed us to look for sustainable ways of sourcing our ingredients. We’re using only what we can see it has been thoughtfully and locally sourced, as much as possible.

Creative touch
While poke is not new, our combinations are. We’ve come up with signature bowls that combine superfoods you won’t normally find in a bowl: chia seeds, puffed quinoa, charcoal. We’re constantly innovating and exploring new flavor profiles to bring something new to the table.