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Sawa – “together” the streets guide us, the flavors and smells drives us in evoking the spirit of Lebanon.

Born in Dubai, inspired by the streets of Lebanon, Sawa represents classic Lebanese street food in a fresh & flavorful way.  We believe in simple honest cooking with an emphasis on big, bold and bright flavors, combined together with new world influences that evoke the spirit of Lebanese street food.

 This spirit guides our approach in playfully teasing out the full potential of classical Lebanese flavors “Sawa” with influences from abroad to create street food for all.


We’re the real deal

There’s no twist, no turn. We cook Lebanese, full stop. We cook real food, for real people, day in and day out.

No boundaries


Hello, Vegans, Gluten-Free Lovers, Dairy-Free Lovers

Meat in all its forms is limited and can be avoided

it’s good and healthy for all ages, at all times.

Our Offer

Lebanese food with most of its recipes can be traced back to roman and Phoenician times. Ingredients such as grains and vegetables have always been a part of the diet, with lamb and red meat being added throughout history.

Our take on Lebanese food is not to play with the classics, but to present them in a different light and give them a modern makeover. The taste stays the same as it were on the streets of Beirut, but everything else is modern, 21st century friendly and ready to be eaten in the comfort of
your own home.

We tirelessly work on developing dishes that appeal to a wide audience and cater to all age groups and diets, as well as searching for local farms and suppliers that can keep the integrity of our menu through fresh fruits and vegetables and free range meat.

Want to make it even easier? Sawa has a daily dish, changing every day according to what inspires us that day.

Order it quickly, while it’s hot.